Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Age of Aquarius

I'm not really much into horoscopes, but I do find them entertaining from time to time. This can be evidenced from the fact that I intended to do this post on the first day of the Aquarius sign, and that actually already happened on Jan. 20! Silly me.

So, for anyone out there who swears by horoscopes or simply casually reads them from time to time, I bring you.......


Yes, you heard it right here. There are numerous sites where you can read your dog's horoscope. I discovered this when looking up Apple's astrological sign out of curiosity, and discovered that he is (most likely) an Aquarius. I think the description fits him pretty well, unlike my sign, Virgo. I hate to clean and organize things.

According to Astrology Weekly Dog Horoscopes, Aquarian dogs are "determined to unearth the truth about everything and everyone." They can be stubborn, but love to run in a pack no matter who the leader is. They also especially love freedom and exploring off the leash, which could not be more true about Apple. This site says that Aquarian dogs should be calm, and while Apple can be very crazy, he does have a calmer side to him that might come out when he gets older. However, this site says that Aquarian dogs value social interaction over everything else, which could not be more true about Apple. He is a true social butterfly.

Another site, Pet Horoscopes Free, describes Aquarian dogs as being "the life of the party," a dog that can get along with anyone. Apple loves all dogs, they just don't always love him back! It describes them as having an overactive mind, being highly intelligent, and needing a job to do, which our trainer emphasized for us. It says that they make great therapy dogs, which I already expressed a interest in having Apple do.

Animal Planet also has a cute doggie horoscope site, but it appears to be not functioning at the moment!

While I don't think horoscopes are fully true or set in stone, I do think that Apple matches his pretty well. Go check it out for your dog and see if it matches up as well for you!

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