Saturday, March 16, 2013

Doggies of Silicon Valley

I had Apple's name picked out years before he ever came into my life. Apple is named after the dog I grew up with, a Cocker Spaniel named Macintosh who was named after the computer. After she died, I said that the first dog I would get as an adult would be black and I would name him Apple.

Even though Apple is much bigger than Mac was, he has always reminded me of her. So, when I was visiting my family in Victoria over spring break, I collected some pictures of Mac to post on the blog and compare to Apple.

Mac giving me a kiss!
Apple about to give me a kiss!
I love this picture of me and Mac in the grass. Her face looks so much like Apple!
Apple chewing on something on the ground
Mac helping me sniff out Easter eggs
Apple is on the trail!
Mac sneaking around the snack table...
Apple loves to be near the table
Mac and my cat Shadow (best friends) checking in on Flopsie the bunny
Apple loves to check on the mice!
Mac in her old age with my younger brother Rhett

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