Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back to Barkin' Springs and Poison Ivy Update

So yesterday, as promised, Apple and I went back to Barkin' Springs.

It was a different experience trying to swim with him, since the terrain is really rough and the water doesn't get really deep. it was knee level-waist level most of the time...but I'd recommend humans do the doggy paddle as well to make their way through the water, because the ground is rough and slippery. I slipped on a boulder and fell right on my butt.

The dorky water shoes were quite a necessity. I'm glad I remembered to get some.

It was great to be able to swim with Apple, but he found it quite confusing! We went out a little too far in my hopes of finding a better swimming area, and when I was doggy paddling next to him to get back to where we were, he started squeaking because I think he was getting tired and he didn't know when we would be able to stop. I was worried he was tired so I picked up that big 75 lb dog, and as soon as I held him he got brave enough to keep going. I think he was worried since he didn't have Steven or me to look at on the shore as a "target."

He squeaked again when I was "racing" him for a ball, and after he got it he swam around in a very confused circle and squeaked...once again because I think he was just so confused by having me swim with him.

And of course, since I was out alone with my very attractive dog, I had to deal with "Dog Dating" once again. In fact, I actually got ASKED OUT at the park by a guy on a bicycle. He told me my dog was cute, I said thank you, and after he had ridden about 15 feet he turned around and asked if I wanted to get dinner with him and my dog sometime. He was not at all swayed by the fact that I was married either. 

Guys, I've heard this kind of stuff from some of you before. If I'm married...I will not go out with you or hook up with you, and yes, my ring does mean something to ME even if it doesn't to you.

Also, I can now update you on the poison ivy. Apple has no reactions, as expected, but I managed to break out on the back of my upper arm. The oil causes itchy blisters on your skin and they often occur in a straight line. I have two main blisters with a few smaller ones scattered around the area, and if I don't scratch it,  it doesn't itch, which is good. Last summer, I had a dangerous reaction to Sulfanomides and I thought I would EXPLODE from the itching. 

The two main blisters are easy to see, but the smaller ones are hard to notice in the picture
I want to wait until Steven comes home to take Apple swimming again, so we can work as a team swimming with him and being a "target." Also, I prefer going out with my man to dog parks so other men don't use my dog as a "cool" pick-up line!

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