Sunday, February 24, 2013


After much anticipation, I finally got word this past Thursday that I was accepted into the Master's of Science in Community and Regional Planning (MSCRP) program at the University of Texas!

Lately, I have been alluding to my planning interests by mentioning my support of the Mabel Davis Dog Park, and referencing community issues and gentrification in blogs such as "Dog-ography in 'Welcome to Dogtown'" and my book review of Katie Up and Down the Hall.

I am primarily interested in the relationship between community development/urban planning issues and the arts, but ever since getting Apple, I have also become intrigued by services/community areas for pets as well. I am really interested in analyzing the changes that have taken place in Austin's dog culture in relation to the gentrification that has been occurring particularly in the past ten years.

Now that I am soon to be a student at one of the largest, most popular universities in the entire country, I am excited to know that my large capacity for dorky school spirit can finally be put to good use. (I was full of school spirit at St. Edward's, but at St. Ed's being spirited isn't necessarily "cool.")

As UT sells an abundance of clothing and other items for fans and students to purchase, they also have many dog items as well, which I was excited to see. Apple doesn't particularly need most of these things, but there are a few items I wanted to pick out to showcase in my blog.

This Bevo dog toy is made by Tuffy, a company that makes super-durable stuffed toys for dogs. We already own a Tuffy shark, which Apple loves. (However, the shark is pretty much destroyed. Just because they are "tuff" doesn't mean Apple can't wreck it.) I would love to get a Bevo for Apple, as he already has shown an affinity for university mascot toys...

Topper Before....

Topper after. This is one of Apple's favorite toys
The website has many Longhorn jerseys for dogs, but I found this item to be the most fascinating:

This is called a "Pet Trek Canteen"

I love this item not because of the university affiliation, but simply because of the design! Steven and I were just talking about how we need to bring water out when we play with Apple since it is getting warmer, and this is an incredibly convenient way to do it! The canteen hangs from your neck, and the little bowl snaps onto the back, and can hold that rubber bone if you want to bring a chew toy out with you. I actually really want to get is a Dog Mom must-have!

The item that I really want to get for Apple is a Bevo costume. Unfortunately, they were not easy to find online! (The ones I did find were only for small dogs...) Maybe, in October, they will become more readily available.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these adorable Bevo pups, and imagine Apple with a set of Bevo horns. We already know he looks great in orange!

This is Charlie, the winner of a costume contest.
This is Scotch, and I love his horns!

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