Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Save the South Congress Food Trailers!

Lately, I've been getting very planning-oriented on this blog, but being that I am an Austin Dog Mom, it is relevant that I speak out on issues pertaining to our great city.

Everyone is familiar with the slogan, "Keep Austin Weird," actually coined in the late 1990's by a caller on a local KOOP radio station and spoken in response to the changes (gentrification) that were taking place in the city.

Austin's weirdness is directly related to its dog culture; public spaces such as local dives and food trailers welcome dogs and humans alike, and the laid-back atmosphere allows people to enjoy their dog's company in public more often than in other cities.

However, our growth as a metropolitan area has also led to the creation of more parks and fancy businesses directly serving dogs, so it is difficult to say whether or not change is more positive or negative for the future generations of fur children.

Currently, the South Congress food trailers are under siege. This popular destination for both tourists and locals is about to be cleared out for a new hotel, and many in Austin are not only angry, but skeptical as to how this will really benefit the tourist scene, as many visitors to Austin make it a point to visit the famed food park. 

Currently, there is a petition circulating on Change.org to save the food trailer park, and it currently needs 1,940 more signatures.

I would greatly appreciate your signature on this petition, as food trailers are not only a part of our culture, but also help foster the dog-friendly dining environment that we all know and love.

Click here to sign: SOCO ATX Development: Preserve Austin's Food Trailers on S. Congress!

Save our Food Trailers!

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