Thursday, February 28, 2013


It's the end of the month, which marks many things in our life with Apple. Since we found him on May 29 and declared his estimated birthday to be January 29, at the end of each month we celebrate having him in our lives and on this earth a little bit longer. We also give him his monthly medications to prevent fleas and heartworms.

Apple takes Tri-Heart as his heartworm preventative and Comfortis to ward off fleas. Don't get me wrong by the name of this blog: I love Comfortis! It is a chewable, so it is easy to give, your dog doesn't have to avoid water for any period of time, and it kills any fleas on your dog in 30 minutes. However, it is important to give it with a meal, and if you don't, it may not be so easy to give in the future!

Last month, Apple weighed in at 66 lbs, heavy enough to move up to the large size of Comfortis for 60-120 lb. dogs. I brought him in to Emancipet in the morning, and I was a couple of days late in giving him the flea medicine, so I wanted to give it to him right away. Since it was the morning, I had already fed him, and I hoped I was giving him the medicine close enough to his breakfast for it to be okay. I also gave him lots of treats so that he wouldn't be taking it on an empty stomach....but he threw up anyway.

Today, I tried to give him both his heartworm and flea medications and he must have remembered throwing up, because he did NOT want to take the Comfortis! He took the Tri-Heart just fine, but he repeatedly tried to throw the Comfortis out of his bowl and spit it out every time I tried to give it to him!

The bowls are empty...did he take it?
No, he's hiding it in his blanket...
You can clearly see how horrified he is
Steven suggested I cover it in peanut butter and he finally took it!

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