Monday, February 18, 2013

Husband Jumps in to Town Lake to Save Drowning Dog

I already posted a blog today, but this one could not wait.

Today, at Auditorium Shores, my heroic husband went out into the lake to save a dog from drowning.

I don't have any pictures of this rescue, but he also has been known to rescue Sonic the Hedgehog.

We were playing with Apple by having him retrieve balls from the water as we usually do, when a grey pit bull mix got a little too excited when we threw the ball. He dove right in after Apple, only this dog was not a strong swimmer.

While many pit bulls can swim, often they can be too top heavy and sink. This one had a pretty broad, stocky chest and when he tried to swim, his head went down and his tail went up, and he struggled around like that in the water for a bit. He was never able to get his head up above the water! 

The dog was there with a friend of the owner, who was near the water when the situation occurred, and she seemed to be hoping that the dog would get the hang of it eventually, as she had mentioned that he had swam years before but was never great at it. 

I stayed pretty calm because I knew Steven would go in after the dog, as we had discussed that he would go in after Apple if he was ever drowning. After it became clear that the dog wasn't coming up and the owner/owner's friend hadn't gotten him. Steven took off his shoes and his jacket and went right in the water to pull the dog out!

The dog was fine despite being underwater for a little while. I know it seemed a lot longer than it actually was. Other people noticed and watched, and it was one of those situations where people stand around and wait for someone to take action without doing it themselves. I wasn't worried though; I knew Steven would save the dog!

Also seen around the park today was another Landseer Newfoundland, similar to Ranger, the therapy dog we saw a month ago. Steven enjoyed using him as a towel to dry off!

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